Tuesday, April 2, 2013

What is coming up...

I know that winter isn't quite done with us yet...this is Montana afterall, but the last week has been amazing...temps in the 60s, plants popping their heads up all over checking to see if the coast is clear--willow trees glowing bright orange as they wake up from their winter naps and the water level in the river is beginning to rise.

I had hinted a while ago about other things that were in the 'cooker'.  Well, here is the scoop:  the lot next door to us, (which had been sold out of Bob's family) and then due to a death in the family of the purchaser--was put back on the market this Spring. 

The first time it was on the market we wanted to buy it, but needed to go in with others in order to make it work....that didn't pan out and so we resolved to be 'ok' with the fact that we would have neighbors and that our quiet life might change a little. 

This time the land became available, we looked at each other and decided that we needed to make this happen.  Neither of us really like the idea of going back in debt (we had both managed to pay off all of our owings last year), but for something like this, we both decided it was worth it. 

So the month of March has been full of paperwork and spreadsheets and waiting...but we signed on the land last week and as of Friday it became ours.

Bob has been busy clearing some of the massive areas of weeds and brush so that we can put in a whole HEAP of trees along the shore, and today I spent most my time clearing an area where I plan to put in a walking labyrinth and garden. 

 No matter which you way you look...it will be gorgeous....

I've always wanted to have one of these ever since I experienced walking one on New Year's Eve back in Seattle.  I'm very excited about seeing it come to being.

So we're tired and broke, but oh so happy knowing that our little slice of heaven will remain quiet and full of the wildlife, trees, and flowers we love so much.

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Lynn Cohen said...

Everything here so inviting and beautiful. Your mazy walk way will be so meditative!